Divine Shipping undertakes custom clearance of imported consignments through Mumbai and other major port's in the country including the following services: Filing Bills of Entry / Shipping Bills with Customs (online using EDI) Assessment of the Bill of Entry / Shipping Bills Arrangement for examination of cargo Supervision and proper handling of the consignments during loading / unloading to the trucks to avoid damage or deterioration of the goods Submitting detailed status of import consignments cleared or pending Processing and cancellation of Customs Bond (viz. P.D. Bond, Test Bond, etc)


Known for our quality and timely service, we provide shipping agency services. These services are part of employing cost effective and efficient freight work. Involved to clear road, air and sea custom consignments, we have an easy method to fulfill the required needs. The best solutions are carried forward by our team of reliable and trustworthy staff members. The facility of cargo distribution is well accorded from door to door. Our clearing shipping agency is a timely and competent service for payment and export related procedures. The transit of cargo is known for its punctual and secure deliveries.


The complex requirements that encompass Project Cargo execution requires 'out of the box' thinking in order to create and implement effective solutions. We provide the specialized expertise such as logistics capabilities, precise timing, wide geographical knowledge, and global connections to coordinate project cargo movements from origin to destination. Our cargo handling experience ranges from bulk cargo handling like ore, coal, coke and limestone. We also handle specialized cargo like project cargo, steel slabs and hot rolled coils. All our services are provided by an extremely experienced management team and are implemented by reliable staff, thus ensuring your cargo is handled with efficiency, care and accuracy.


A dredgers is a piece of equipment which can dig, transport and dump a certain amount of under water laying soil in a certain time. The quantity of soil moved per unit of time is called Production. Dredgers can dig hydraulically or mechanically. Hydraulic digging make use of the erosive working of a water flow. For instance, a water flow generated by a dredge pump is lead via suction mouth over a sand bed. The flow will erode the sand bed and forms a sand-water mixture before it enters the suction pipe. Hydraulic digging ismostly done with special water jets. Hydraulic digging is mostly done in cohesionless soils such as silt, sand and gravel. Mechanical digging by knives, teeth or cutting edges of dredging equipment is apply to cohesive soils. The transport of the dredged soil can be done hydraulically or mechanically too, ether continuously or discontinuously.

Company undertakes dredging at ports, lakes, rivers as per the requirement of clients by deploying dredgers and related equipments. Dredging is done through our experience and expert team. Company has very wide experience in Dredging activities, since many years.


Our company provides consultancy services for

» Declaration of port as a landing and shipping place under port Act, india/state.
» Official Gazette notification for declaration or extension of port limit.
» Notification of port services.
» Notification for tariff under port Act.
» Appointment of conservator for port under Indian port Act 1908.
» NSPC compliance for port.
» Obtaining Construction Completion certificate.
» Signing of agreement with port authorities.
» Declaration of port as landing & shipping place under Custom Act 1962.
» Identification suitable location for port, location shipyard, port base power plants captive jetty, etc.
» Feasibility/DPR report for setting up port facilities, shipyard etc.

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